MLOps Engineer

IT & Data
4.744 - 6.582
36 hours
Nice to know (you)
  • Working as an Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Engineer in Schiphol offers a wide variety of challenges. Schiphol is a city of its own and that is reflected in the variety of data and use cases.
  • The Data, AI & Analytics (DnA) department oversees the strategic use of AI, data and applied data science across the Royal Schiphol Group to identify growth opportunities and areas for innovation with new data products and services. 
  • With 3,000 proud colleagues, we work toward our mission: "the world's most sustainable and high quality airports.
Connecting your world

As MLOps Engineer you will work in one of the few places in the Netherlands where you can literally look out of the window and see your software have direct impact. You can help connect the Netherlands with the rest of the world. How you take care of this? That’s up to you. We trust in the way you can distinguish between main and secondary issues and make connections. You put your talents to work at:

Developing reusable building blocks for machine learning infrastructure.

  • Developing, implementing and supporting machine learning solutions and data pipelines.
  • Transforming technical needs of the AI product teams into structural solutions.
  • Supporting and improving our software development lifecycle and best practices.
  • Designing, implementing, and testing cloud based (Azure) data intensive applications.

As MLOps Engineer you combine your experience ranging from Machine Learning, Software Engineering, DevOps, and Data Engineering. We expect you to interact with Schiphols solution architects and various IT platform teams to design and develop the right machine learning tooling and processes such that AI product teams can bring their models to production.

You've got this

Schiphol connects your world. With the best people, we make travel safe and responsible. You contribute to this by constantly coming up with new, clever things. Also, you are the talent who takes initiative to make improvements. In addition, for this position you have:

  • At least 4 years experience working with machine learning solutions including deployment and management in a production environment. 
  • Strong (4+ years) programming skills in Python.
  • Extensive experience with containerized application deployment technology, e.g. Kubernetes/OpenShift and Helm. 
  • Professional experience with the Azure Cloud platform, or translatable experience from AWS/GCP. 
  • Professional experience with declarative infra-as-code, e.g. Terraform. 
  • Professional experience with Databricks and (Py)Spark.  
  • Experience with (Confluent) Kafka, Splunk and/or OpenTelemetry are a plus. 
You get this
  • € 4744 to € 6582 gross per month (Schaal 12).
  • A 13th month (year-end bonus).
  • The possibility to work 4 x 9 hours in a 36-hour work week.
  • An iPhone 14 or Samsung Galaxy S22. The choice is yours.

These are just some of our terms of employment that come with this position (based on a 36-hour work week). Schiphol Group has even more to offer you. For the complete overview of all terms and conditions of employment, please visit Conditions - Werken bij Schiphol Group.

De juiste vertrek- en aankomsttijden op de schermen, een optimale werking van de toegangspoortjes en een goede werking van alle apps. Dankzij het werk van de afdeling IT & Data blijft Schiphol 24/7 draaien. Ruim 950 collega’s werken dagelijks met de nieuwste technologie aan het vliegveld van de toekomst. Zo helpen we mee aan de best mogelijke beleving. Voor reizigers, klanten en medewerkers. Op én rond het vliegveld.

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