Fullstack software developer (IoT)

IT & Data
4.744 - 6.582
36 hours
Fullstack software developer (IoT)
Nice to know (you)
  • We are looking for a Full Stack Developer who will be working on IoT solutions that aim to make Schiphol smarter and optimize daily operations, contributing to Schiphol’s mission of becoming an autonomous airport.
  • Maybe you have seen the ‘smiley boxes’ at Schiphol, this feedback is delivered via our platform. As well as a lot of other ‘dumb devices’ that we have made smarter by applying IoT technology to it. Will you deliver the next upgrade?.
  • With 3,000 proud colleagues, we work toward our mission: "the world's most sustainable and high quality airports.  
Connecting your world

As an IoT developer your main responsibilities are to maintain the IoT platform, onboard new devices types and improve the insights delivered by devices as well as the administration of devices. You will also review code of other developers. How you achieve results in this? That’s up to you. We trust in the way you can distinguish between main and secondary issues and make connections. You put your talents to work at:

  • Writing code for our IoT-portal and other platform services.
  • Reviewing code, pair programming and sharing knowledge.
  • Supporting our (internal) clients.
  • Managing containers in our Kubernetes cluster.

Creating new data insights is at the core of our DnA. We strive to have data at heart of every key decision. With our other data colleagues we continuously challenge each other to come up with inspiring ideas to get new data and data insights. You see this as challenge and not a threat. You are willing to learn and to teach on new data insights. With or non-data colleagues you spot opportunities to apply IoT to their operations to make processes run smoother, and reduce stress for our travelers.

You've got this
You get this
  • € 4744 to € 6582 gross per month (Schaal 12).
  • The possibility to work 4 x 9 hours in a 36-hour work week.
  • Participation in the ABP pension fund.
  • A 13th month (year-end bonus).


These are just some of our terms of employment that come with this position (based on a 36-hour work week). Schiphol Group has even more to offer you. For the complete overview of all terms and conditions of employment, please visit Conditions - Werken bij Schiphol Group.

The IT & Data department is creating the airport of the future. We do this using the smartest digital solutions, tools and applications. With state-of-the-art technology, we keep the airport running. Our enthusiastic team works on data-driven improvements in our processes, traveller flows and information provision. This is how we contribute to the best possible experience for travellers, customers and employees at and around the airport.  

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