Learning and development at Schiphol Group

Get more out of your talent

Schiphol connects your world. With the best people and in proud cooperation, we make travel safe and responsible. But how do you and your colleagues stay the best? How do you remain professionally competent? And how do you achieve your ambitions?
We are convinced that your development will contribute to the development of Schiphol Group. By continuously improving as a person and as a team, you will get the best out of yourself and your work.

Schiphol Learning Hub

The Schiphol Learning Hub makes learning and development more accessible to you and your colleagues. The learning activities from the Schiphol Learning Hub keep you:
Fit for Roster - Meet the legal and from Schiphol Group defined requirements to perform your job.
Fit for Teamwork - Pool your talents with your colleagues and find out about each other's talents.
Fit for Future - Keep renewing yourself and choose a training course from the catalog.


Do you need more insight into you: what do you add, what drives you and what energizes you? MyTalent helps you discover where your strengths are and what you have to offer. The better you know yourself, the better you can make choices. This supports you in your work happiness.

Professional Development Program

Do you want to grow as a professional, in and outside your job, and beyond your expertise? In this program, on the basis of your personal learning goals, you discover how you can: use your talents more effectively, communicate better, while carefully monitoring your limits and/or increasing your influence.

Training unconscious bias

Schiphol Group aspires to be an honest and inclusive organization. An organization where you are valued for who you are and where everyone feels safe and dares to speak up (Speak Up). To further shape this ambition, we have developed a special training. The training was created in collaboration with a number of Schiphol colleagues. The aim of the training course is to provide insight into your own unconscious prejudices and the consequences these prejudices can have for your decision-making, for example.

Masterclass Airports & Airlines Strategy

This master class broadens your knowledge about the (commercial) aviation industry, and enables you to better understand the playing field and its complexity. The interactive and connecting approach challenges you to actively contribute and ensures that you learn with and from your colleagues. What considerations play a role in determining a strategy for an airport and airline? What are the most important stakeholders? And how does this interact with each other?