Schiphol Group is for everyone

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Schiphol Group would like diversity and inclusion to be a matter of course within our organization and we pay a lot of attention to these topics. We feel it is important that everyone feels welcome within Schiphol and believe that diverse teams make us stronger. We therefore hope that you too will feel welcome at Schiphol, regardless of your disability, origin, religion or (personal) preferences, for example.


Young people are the future of Schiphol Group. They are flexible, full of energy, enthusiastic and they embody important changes towards the future. 'Youth' aims to increase and improve the position and visibility of young people (up to age 29) within our organization. In addition, the 'Youth' strives to expand their network.


Visual (Vi), Schiphol (s), able (Able). Schiphol Group believes it is important that everyone can participate, even if you have a chronic illness, physical condition, mental illness or feel differently. We think in terms of possibilities and creative solutions to enable and enhance your employability. Even if that requires something just a little bit different. We work together with the Schiphol Aviation Community and Emma at Work to realize our plans.


The Bi-Cultural dimension aims to contribute to Schiphol Group's D&I ambition. We are undertaking initiatives that raise awareness of the diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs of our colleagues. In this way, we promote Schiphol Group as a reflection of our society and stakeholders.


Did you know that Schiphol Group employs 800 people over 50? The total workforce is about 3,000 colleagues. When we think of diversity and inclusion, we also think of employees of 50 and up! What themes are important in this stage of life and how can we at Schiphol Group address them?
We all need to work longer and it would be great to make a success of this together, with all the experience that 50-UP employees have. Not only for ourselves, but for all Schiphol colleagues.


Schiphol Group believes it is important that everyone feels comfortable with our organization, regardless of your sexual orientation. The focus is therefore on an inclusive environment for everyone: a Schiphol where you feel welcome and safe, where it does not matter whether you are, for example, lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, non-binary, intersex or asexual. Schiphol Group recently signed the Declaration of Amsterdam as another step in our efforts to create a work environment where openness and equality are central. A Schiphol keycord with the colors of the progress pride flag is available for anyone who wants to make that statement.

Women on Air

Women on Air contributes to the naturalness of diversity and inclusion within Schiphol Group by pursuing an equal gender ratio. We encourage diversity and inclusion in the Schiphol Group culture by forming a community. Here initiatives and events are organized for and with each other. To inspire, meet, challenge and stay in contact. We focus on awareness. And we try to actively contribute ideas on relevant themes, such as the wage gap, parental leave, etc.

The dimensions of diversity at Schiphol Group

A D&I Board was established in 2020 to drive the policy on diversity and inclusion within Schiphol Group. There are a number of dimensions that roll out activities in collaboration with the D&I board. Currently there are 6 dimensions, namely: VisAble, Bi-Cultural, 50-up!, LGBTQI+, Women in Air and Schiphol Youth.