Terms of employment at Schiphol Group

Terms of employment at Schiphol Group

You get this

Schiphol Group has a collective labor agreement, employment conditions bundled. It describes all terms of employment. When you start, this includes good pay with plenty of opportunities and freedom. As a Schiphol Group colleague, we want you to take good care of your own career and energy balance. You will continue to develop yourself, both in width and depth. Together we make that possible.
Salary, vacation allowance and year-end bonus


Based on your position, you will receive a gross monthly salary paid into your bank account each month.
You accrue 8% vacation pay. You receive this in May.
With the December salary payment you will also receive a year-end bonus of 8.33% of your annual salary including vacation pay. Each year we look at your performance as a professional. Based on how well you perform, you will receive an increase in your salary. Or, if you are at the end of the salary scale, after 2 years of excellent performance you will receive a bonus of 5% of your annual salary.

Vacations and leave

Free time

Each calendar year, with a 36-hour work week, you are entitled to 180 hours of vacation per year. Do you work more or less hours? Then you also have more or less vacation hours. This is based on the average number of hours you work per week.
If you need more or less vacation days, you can buy them.
Furthermore, Schiphol Group has all kinds of leave, for example parental leave and adoption leave.

Pension, generation scheme and vitality

Getting older

Your pension accrual is governed by the provisions of the ABP pension regulations. You can build an optional pension on your salary so that you can stop working between the ages of 60 and 70. You can find more information at www.abp.nl.
Schiphol also has a generation scheme, which allows you to work less from the age of 60 and offers a vitality contribution.
You also receive a sustainable employability budget to make an extra deposit for your pension, buy leave or take out a sports subscription, for example

Expense and travel reimbursement

To accommodate you

Every colleague receives a monthly expense allowance of €30 net, regardless of the number of hours you work.
There is also the SchipholGo app. In it, you can indicate per day what means of transportation you used for coming to work or whether you worked at home.
If you get to Schiphol by car, you receive €0.22 net per km. By bike? €0.22 net per km and €0.09 gross per km. For travel by public transport you will receive an NS business card.
We also have a reimbursement scheme for business travel and working from home.

Training budget

Learning and development

If you want to take a training course for your job, your development or your career, you can do so at Schiphol.
You take the initiative for this, your manager approves it and Schiphol pays for it.
Every colleague at Schiphol Group also receives a sustainable employability budget. This can also be used for additional training, education or coaching.

Overtime and irregularity pay

Extra allowances

If you work overtime, you receive your hourly wage as well as an overtime bonus of 50 - 100%, depending on the day and time you work overtime.
Continuous shift colleagues receive a roster allowance between 30 - 60% for their work outside normal working hours. There is also an arrangement for working on a public holiday.

Diversity hours

More free time

In addition to your basic holiday days, you are entitled to diversity hours at Schiphol Group. You can use these days off, for example, for (holiday) days that are not paid as standard under the collective labor agreement.
With a 36-hour work week, you are entitled to 14.4 diversity hours per year.
Do you work more or less hours? Then you will also accrue more or less diversity hours.

Employment contract


When you start at Schiphol, you are given an employment contract for a definite or indefinite period.
When entering into a new employment contract, we often agree on a probationary period of up to 2 months, depending on the length of your contract. Is your contract shorter than 1 year? Then we agree on a maximum of 1 month's probationary period.

Bring Your Own arrangement

Set up your (home) office

Working efficiently and effectively supports a good work-life balance. At Schiphol Group, we think this is important. That's why (depending on your position) you determine where and when you work. We also offer a Bring-Your-Own arrangement whereby you can spend €450 on, for example, a tablet, ergonomic workplace, tools or an extra computer screen.