The magic of Schiphol

Why working at Schiphol is different

Schiphol is a world unto itself, which can feel both small and huge. Small, because we interact with each other in an informal and engaged manner. Huge, because you can make a lot of impact with your job. Our focus is on a sustainable and innovative future with a cleaner, quieter and smarter airport.

Welcome in our world

  • "They take IT very seriously here. Eelse Pieters I Developer
  • "I feel proud when every suitcase makes it to the right plane on time." Arwiend Harnam I Director Baggage Handling System Schiphol (BASS)

The story of Schiphol

Discover the story of Schiphol. See how the airport has developed since 1916: from a swampy grassland in the Haarlemmermeer polder to one of the world's leading airports preparing for the future. It's about your future colleagues who work day and night to connect the world. Who want to make travel reachable and accessible for everyone, now and in the future. And therefore search for innovative solutions to make flying as sustainable as possible. Will you join us?

A world in itself

When you work in a unique place, everything you do becomes special. More exciting, more fun and more dynamic. Your workplace makes all the difference. Schiphol is such a place. Where you experience things that you won't experience anywhere else. And where you can use your talents in a unique way.