"Schiphol never sleeps. The business operates 24/7"

Publication date: 08 June 2023 I Reading time: Minute

A dream come true. That's how Linda Voerman describes her move to Schiphol 5 years ago. As Senior Sourcing Manager in the Services & IT department, she has been working on Schiphol's sourcing policy with great pleasure (and with a great view) for some years. "Nowhere will a buyer find as much freedom and diversity as here."

"Schiphol never sleeps. The business operates 24/7. Very different from a company that closes its doors at 5 PM."

"It sounds crazy but it's true: as a teenager, I dreamt of working at Schiphol. I wanted to work here ever since I graduated in facility management and took a minor in procurement management. I wanted to work here in facility management, procurement management or contract management. I always kept that in the back of my mind when I started as a buyer at another company. There, I mainly focused on energy saving and sustainability issues concerning gas, electricity and solar panels. A good job, but after a few years I was ready for a new challenge, to have a broader range of tasks. I wanted to buy more than just gas and electricity. And I knew that was possible at Schiphol. My colleagues also knew about my ambition and encouraged me to apply when a vacancy came up here. The first vacancy I applied for came too soon, but within a year I was recruited for another position."

Tactical and strategic sourcing activities

"I have had different job titles and responsibilities over the past few years. That's what makes working here so much fun. Schiphol is like a small city. All sorts of things are going on, it never sleeps. The business operates 24/7. Very different from a company that closes at 5 o'clock. I am Senior Sourcing Manager in the Services & IT department. This means that, as a sourcing specialist, I deal with Schiphol's tactical and strategic sourcing activities. This includes large contracts for temporary employees and the procurement of security staff from security companies. To this end, I talk with colleagues and suppliers about contracts and collective labour agreements and provide advice. I also deal with large European tenders. I am always consulting with the business and coordinating with suppliers."


"What I really like about my job at Schiphol is the freedom I have here. Sourcing involves many different processes and within that there's room to focus on something. You're really considered a specialist here. My colleagues have confidence in my recommendations, which means I can make decisions. That works really well. Furthermore, I have a great view of the aircraft from our wing at the office. I can see them taking off and landing – really impressive. It's an inspiring workplace."

Unique insight

"As I said before, I had dreamt about working at Schiphol as a teenager, but what the organisation is really like is something you only discover when you work here. As a customer in a restaurant, you only see what's on your plate. That's what it's like at Schiphol too. As a traveller you have no idea how big everything is and how much of an impact one decision can have. Working at Schiphol gives you a unique insight. And as a buyer you don't get that kind of insight anywhere else."