"Schiphol has always attracted me immensely."

Publication date: 25 May 2023 I Reading time: Minute

Schiphol has always been an attractive environment. When I would travel through by train or go on holiday, for example. It has a certain energy. Perhaps it's the promise of travel. The size of the airport. The buzz. All those passengers who are going somewhere, going on an adventure.

"Schiphol has always attracted me immensely."

"In 2010 I started working as Advisor at a consultancy firm. That's where I came into contact with Schiphol. It was great! I would often go there for meetings. There were so many different kinds of people with so much knowledge. I always looked forward to being able to go Schiphol again for work. When I got the chance to be an actual Schiphol employee in August 2021, I of course grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I'm so happy I did that!"

Airport Developer

"My official job title is Systems Developer. We often call it Airport Developer, as this name describes the job more accurately. As Airport Developer you shape projects according to a strategic plan. If I had to explain it in simple terms, that's what the job is about. There are many projects going on at Schiphol. There are always things to be improved or refurbished or built. Together with many colleagues, I ensure that projects are well thought out. So that the reason why we are doing something is crystal clear. What is required? Which stakeholders are involved? What needs to be considered? We also take sustainability, safety and feasibility into account. During the design process I continue to represent the interests of the various stakeholders. So that in the end, everything works properly and can be maintained."

Sustainable taxiing

"What I'm proud of? One example is the sustainable taxiing programme. We have already achieved tangible results. And we've purchased 2 taxibots. That's a towing vehicle that can tow planes over considerable distances, like from the gate to the runway. This prevents a lot of aircraft emissions. But this is just the beginning; we're still in the trial period and we'll be rolling it out further. It involves more than just the taxibots themselves. The infrastructure also needs to be expanded, with lay-bys and new markings for instance, so that the 4-metre-wide taxibots can drive everywhere. In other words, there's still a lot to do on this project. It feels good to work on projects that have such a positive impact, like on the environment."

Lots of enthusiasts gathered together

"What makes it fun to work at Schiphol? There are lots of enthusiasts all gathered together. We are a very diverse group. All with different personalities and areas of expertise, but with a shared passion for the airport. There's a bigger picture we're all working towards, that everyone is a part of. Together, we ensure that the airport is operational and it's clear to see that we enjoy it."

Work in trainers

"You can come to work wearing trainers. Or in a suit. It's all good. People are approachable. We like to help each other out and we know how to find each other. If you ask me a question I don't know the answer to, I'll help you get in touch with a colleague who does know. Someone always has the answer. We have such diverse knowledge here. I'm still impressed by that."

You'll find your place here

"There's so much to do at Schiphol. You are sure to find a position that suits you. Especially since you can really leave your mark on your job here. You can focus on what interests you or what you consider important. There's often real scope for that. There's also a lot of emphasis on your personal development and on coaching and training. Everything you need to perform your job successfully. So that we can work towards the best possible results together."