'To me, the most important thing is creating a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace for all Schiphol employees.'

Publication date: 24 April 2024 I Reading time: Minute

After completing her law studies, Emma worked in the legal profession for more than three years. In 2014, she was ready for a new challenge and started at Royal Schiphol Group as a Legal Counsel. Over the past 9 years she has developed on both a professional and personal level. For example, she lived and worked in Paris as part of an exchange from Schiphol and set up her own team. And in the Legal department, she now leads the Compliance & Ethics team as Senior Manager Compliance & Ethics. 'There are countless opportunities within Schiphol Group and a lot of attention is paid to your development. I think it's fantastic to contribute to an inclusive and safe working environment for everyone who works at our airport.' 

Social safety 
'Together with my team, we are responsible for building a strong inclusive culture and supporting Schiphol Group in the field of compliance. Integrity, social safety and compliance (complying with laws and regulations) are key. Social safety is a prerequisite for a pleasant workplace in which everyone feels valued and heard. Employees must feel safe enough to speak out. To achieve this, we pay a lot of attention to our culture and we engage in conversations with each other in an open and respectful manner. We do this, for example, by organising dilemma training for all parts of the organisation where we discuss what is and what is not allowed in the workplace. Within the framework of the Schiphol Group code of conduct, we encourage colleagues to discuss the grey areas with each other. You see that people view situations differently due to different backgrounds and experiences. By continuing to engage in conversation, you create awareness and colleagues feel connected to each other. It is important that we keep socially relevant and current topics alive and open for discussion.'

'In an environment where so many different cultures come together, I want everyone to feel at home.'

'It is also important that you can rely on your colleagues and managers. Initiative and ideas are valued within our organisation, allowing you to create opportunities yourself. Even at the highest level, people consider it important to create a pleasant and (socially) safe working environment. There is real attention and time for the topics we work on with the Compliance & Ethics team. The fact that the subject is widely supported and receives attention based on intrinsic motivation has a positive effect. I notice that colleagues now know where to find us better if something is going on. We handle the integrity reports we receive and the follow-up steps we take very carefully. Schiphol Group has set up an Integrity Committee for this purpose.'

'Schiphol is already working hard on creating space for the individual and putting people first.'

Diversity and inclusion 
'Because diversity and inclusion are important in creating the working environment and culture that we at Schiphol strive for, I am a regular contributor to our own D&I Board. We want everyone at Schiphol Group to feel welcome and valued and to be able to be themselves. We believe that diverse teams and an inclusive culture create a stronger organisation. As member of the D&I Board, I think about new initiatives and events. These include handing out Christmas lights, organising an Iftar and celebrating Keti Koti. This also involves an inclusive collective labour agreement, with room for individual interpretations. By making these types of initiatives the standard, there is room for everyone.' 

Social impact 
'My job is varied, versatile and unexpected things happen every day. One day I provide training and the next day I focus on integrity reports, which are followed up with great care and attention. I work with the nicest colleagues too. That, in combination with the social relevance of my work, really means that I have the best job in the Netherlands. I want to work for a company that considers social topics and a pleasant workplace for all as important as I do. And I am in the right place at Schiphol Group for that.'