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Royal Schiphol Group's mission is connecting your world. We are an aviation company with an important social mission: with our airports and partnerships, we create value for society and the economy.
One of Royal Schiphol Group's greatest ambitions is to develop our airports into the world's most sustainable and high quality airports; the preferred airport for travelers, airlines and logistics service providers. And you can contribute to that.

Health, safety & environment

The HSE Office coordinates the mapping and updating of the applicable laws and regulations regarding safety, occupational health and safety and the surroundings of Schiphol airport. In addition, Schiphol Group checks whether first-line supervision functions adequately with regular administrative and physical checks (audits).

Fire safety at Schiphol

Schiphol invests now and in the future in improving fire safety at the airport. There is a continuous flow of projects. The requirements for fire safety installations, for example, are stringent and the installations themselves complex. The amount of departments, colleagues and external players you deal with is enormous. The installations are often virtually invisible, but no less important. They are crucial to Schiphol's continuity and safety. The budget? Some 15 million a year. That's a big responsibility.


Schiphol Group develops and implements policies and strategies to reduce the airport's environmental impact. There is a wide range of environmental topics, such as air and water quality, noise control, waste management, energy efficiency and sustainable development. Cooperation with other departments within Schiphol is also important to ensure that everything goes in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations

The fire department

For optimal fire safety, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has its own fire department. Under normal circumstances, our airport fire department is at the scene of an aviation incident within 3 minutes after being notified. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fighting an aircraft fire is specialized work. The safety of passengers and employees is of great importance to the airport. The fire department must therefore be on the scene quickly with the right equipment. The fire department has large fire engines, which are called crash tenders. To ensure that the fire department is quickly on site, there are 3 fire stations: Post Sloten, Post Rijk and Post Vijfhuizen.


The Schiphol Fire Department has a very special practice aircraft: the FireFly. This training plane contains three aircraft types: a Boeing 747, DC10 and a Boeing 767. It is possible to fire the FireFly on the outside with three engine, landing gear fires, a broken wing fire or a surface fire of almost 860m2. Inside the FireFly, twelve different fires can be created. This allows various incidents to be well simulated.

Careers in safety & environment

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