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The airport of the future

The IT & data organization builds the airport of the future with smart solutions, tools and applications and keeps the airport running 24/7 with leading technology. Through IT & data-driven improvements to our processes, passenger flows and information provision, IT & data ensures an optimal experience for travelers, customers and employees in and around the airport every day.

CIO office

Our daily work revolves around establishing, communicating and adjusting the frameworks that Schiphol IT & data's products and services must meet. In this way, we can guarantee the quality of IT & data. Of course, we cannot do this alone. As the CIO Office, we work closely with colleagues from the business who help to translate our frameworks into practical terms for the development teams within IT & data, for example.

Data & analytics

Working in data & analytics at Schiphol Group means extracting, cleaning, transforming and integrating data from the various business areas and making this data available in so-called 'data factories'. This is how we build and manage scalable data foundations, data platforms and BI and AI capabilities with significant business value. At the same time, we implement a Royal Schiphol Group wide data and AI governance framework and tools, ensuring proper data quality, lineage and GDPR compliance, as well as ethical use of AI.

Business Platforms

Business Platforms ensure reliable and available IT & data services in the business. There are several business platforms. Business platform Asset Management believes that with the use of technology, the management and development of operational assets can be even better. The focus of the Operations business platform is smooth and efficient operations. The Commercial business platform is responsible for digital development for Parking & Mobility, Terminal Services, Real Estate and Marketing & Consumer Experience. The IT services that our colleagues use in their daily work, such as access to your digital working environment, the learning management system or issuing your laptop, is part of the Employee business platform.

Enabling Technologies

Enabling Technologies drives innovation at Schiphol. Here, we realize building blocks with the aim of enabling product teams to develop products faster and maintain them cost-effectively. The increasing role of platforms is also a logical part of Schiphol's IT strategy. This role is not new at the airport; successful platforms are already in use. Current platforms within Enabling Technologies are being further developed, the organization and governance strengthened and new platforms added.

Schiphol Telematics

Schiphol Telematics works with about 230 colleagues on connectivity solutions within Schiphol and has more than 200 customers at and around the airport. Nowhere in the Netherlands is the concentration of companies as high as at and surrounding the airport. This places high demands on the quality of the communication network. No one understands this better than Schiphol Telematics. With specialized services in the field of IP network, internet and solutions via fixed and wireless networks, we focus entirely on the dynamics of our environment.


Schiphol, one of the main gateways to Europe, consists of not 1 company but hundreds, forming its own ecosystem. This ecosystem has been digitized at a rapid pace over the past 20 years. Digitization offers many opportunities but at the same time requires measures to cope with cyber risks. Only when digital security is in place can digitalization opportunities be optimally exploited.

Create, share & grow

Schiphol is building the future of travel. Not only do we build solutions for Schiphol, but we share our data and IT services with companies in the travel industry. We have a marketplace for airport data with data models, APIs, insights and smart solutions for optimized operations and customer experience.

Meet your future colleagues

These people welcome you with great joy. Welcome to our world.
  • "They take IT very seriously here. Eelse Pieters I Developer
  • "I feel proud when every suitcase makes it to the right plane on time." Arwiend Harnam I Director Baggage Handling System Schiphol (BASS)
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