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Royal Schiphol Group is the owner and operator of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Lelystad Airport, and holds a majority stake in Eindhoven Airport. Airports in the Group create value for society and for the economy, with safety as a key enabler. Together with our international activities, Schiphol Group's Dutch airports are part of our 'Why' of Connecting your world.
Experience a world of possibilities

What appeals more to the imagination than a job in the dynamic aviation sector? Whatever department you work in, you are always close to the terminal and airside: the heart of Schiphol.

Many opportunities to learn and develop

The wide variety of positions and projects offers you every opportunity to develop however you prefer. We encourage your personal and professional development, because by doing so you contribute to Schiphol's development.

Excellent terms of employment

A good employer takes good care of its employees. This includes excellent terms of employment and secondary conditions, such as a sustainable employability budget, personal training budget and the option to buy or sell leave. Our work-life balance scores high in employee satisfaction surveys.

More than 3,000 colleagues to work with

You share your enthusiasm for Schiphol and aviation with your colleagues. In addition to this shared passion, you will be working together with all sorts of professionals to achieve Schiphol's ambitions. It is a melting pot of talents and cultures. A world on its own. With its own circle, scene, atmosphere, language and subculture. Your future colleagues are proud of this. That's where you want to belong. And the good news is, you can! Nothing beats a warm welcome on your first day of work. We're going to make sure of that.

Most sustainable and high quality airports

One of Royal Schiphol Group's ambitions is to develop our airports into the world's most sustainable and high quality airports; the preferred airport for travelers, airlines and logistics service providers.

Welcome to our world

Schiphol Group has many different functions and projects. For thinkers and doers. From operations to strategy. Diverse people with diverse talents come together here. There's a world-class job for you, too.

See Schiphol Group through the eyes of our talents

These people will warmly welcome you. Welcome to our world.
  • "They take IT very seriously here. Eelse Pieters I Developer
  • "I feel proud when every suitcase makes it to the right plane on time." Arwiend Harnam I Director Baggage Handling System Schiphol (BASS)